Sunday, October 30, 2011

2012 Bump List

BUMP LISTThese riders have been "bumped" to the next highest skill class and will not be allowed to enter these classes in 2012. PeeWee riders are bumped from the "B" division to Pee Wee "A".

ClassPee Wee BOX STOCK 4-wheel A & B
5&66Danielle M. Minsaas1146
5&633Dakota M. Gettinger21433
5&641Kelsi M. Gibson30541
5&651Kallee Dhein30651
ClassOpen C Motorcycle
1031Mitchel R. Rush31631
1035Michael M. Trulen31035
1059Brock D. Schroeder31059
ClassOpen Am Quad Studded
1616Cody A. Vruwink10316
1699Adam M. Smedbron11199
ClassB Rubber ATV (3-W)
172Mitchel S. Williams12042

1711Jim H. Falke11211
1754Scott L. Davis11254
1761Colin M. Wilcott10261
ClassC Modified Prod Quad Stud
271Alex A. Asmussen12311
2724Kyle R. Wolosek10824
2787Kyle M. Oudenhoven30487

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The new 2012 Work for Points Program

2012 Work Points Program
Worker Points will be obtained by following the below parameters: 
Workers must sign up for desired events at the fall meeting, or two weeks prior to the event.
Each event will have a limited number of positions to be filled
All worker registration will be filled via "first come- first serve" per event
Only those people that have completed the pre-approval process qualify for “Worker Points”
Racers may recruit a qualified worker to work the day of the event for them, however they are still responsible for the required work getting done
Racers may compete during race day with no race points awarded
Worker sign-up and worker duties will be posted on
A club officer will provide the CWIRA points referee with a workers list after the event has taken place.
Club officers are responsible for ensuring that the worker has completed necessary duties during race day
Riders not meeting the necessary duties will not receive their worker points.
Racers will not be given a make-up work day if the pre-approved race is missed.
Worker must check in at registration trailer by 7am race day.
Worker points to be paid on the following structure:
Full day worker points will be 30 points
Each rider will be limited to 30 worker points per season.
Day of event worker duties: Set-up 7am EVERYONE MUST PARTICIPATE IN EVENT SET UP Job Responsibilities available day of event:

1. Trailer sales/ Flag assistant
2. Corner worker 1
3. Corner worker 2
4. Corner worker 3
5. Corner worker 4
6. Scoring assistant
7. Tech 1
8. Tech 2
9. Staging
10. Starter

Riders will be able to compete during the approved work day  (providing all required work is done)
Workers are responsible to pay a promoter gate fee.
Safety vests must be worn by all workers during race day
Work day does not count as throw out race

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Meeting / TENTATIVE 2012 Schedule

The Fall Meeting is October 30 at Chili Corners - I'll have maps and other info up later this weekend on the web site.

The TENTATIVE schedule:

January 8- Amherst - TRIPLE CROWN RACE #1
January 15-Sherwood
January 22-Rock Dam
January 29- Wausau - TRIPLE CROWN RACE #2
February 5-Tomah
February 12-Weyauwega - TRIPLE CROWN RACE #3
February 19-Dexterville
February 26- Fremont

Saturday, October 1, 2011

250 B Bike Class Update

The only change in the bike classes is changing the name and description of what was the 250/450 B Motorcycle class, which is now:

250 Amateur Motorcycle
0-200cc 2-stroke and 0-250cc 4-stroke bike, B&C rider, engine & chassis mods allowed.

So it's basically non Pro riders on the 250 thumpers along with all those 125/130/150 2-strokes out there. I think that should be a great class give the potential number of bikes like that out there.

The renewal documents & rider lists have been changed to go along with this update, so don't freak out if you have older info - it will be updated when I run it through.