Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring Meeting Report/Banquet Update

First off, the Banquet is this Saturday at the Ale House - Waupaca.  Drinks 4pm, dinner 6pm with awards to be presented after.  Lots of Door prizes and General Fun! (that ranks higher than Major Fun)

If you didn't get your RSVP in don't worry!  You can still come in!  When you get to the Banquet you will find a "check-in" table where can still pay for the meal and join in.  Hope to see you there!

From the Spring Meeting:

CWIRA President - Allen Falke
CWIRA Vice-President - Jim Falke
CWIRA Treasurer/Secretary - Jack Potter
Motorcycle - Mark Muth
Motorcycle - Bill Bell
Rubber ATV - Jeremy Flees
Rubber ATV - Nick Nett
Studded ATV - Colin Wilcott
Studded ATV - Carl Spurling
Worker Points/Tech - Robert Reinwand
Tech - Erin Schlough

A full review/revision of the "Worker" program will be done over the Summer and presented at the Fall Meeting.

Remaining rule changes for the 2017 Season:

Rule 20:  (replace tie-breaker section)  Season ties will be broken by comparing the highest overall finishes at each event of the season.  "Throw out" races and any finish on a designated "work day" DO NOT COUNT for breaking a tie.  If tie cannot be broken then both riders will be awarded the position.   For a rider to receive a season end award they must have either entered or worked more than half of the races run in that class.  All CWIRA members must participate in the "Work Day" program to qualify for any season end award.  Youth riders may have an adult complete the work requirement for them - in the case of multiple family members racing only one "Work Day" will be required for all of the youth racers in the family.  (See the "Work Day" section for complete details)

Rule 25:  (changed to) If the majority of the racers in a class protest the riding conduct of another rider, the first complaint will result in a verbal reprimand, the second complaint of the season will result in the rider being scored for last in that class for that day (black flagged).  The third complaint of the season will result in the rider being disqualified from all classes being run that day.

Rule 32:  (changed to)  Grievances and complaints will be handled by the Association Officers and Board of Directors present on the day of the complaint.  Conduct of the event will be controlled by the Association President/Vice President with input of the main Flagman.  ALL DECISIONS MADE ON RACE DAY ARE FINAL.

Rule 35:  (added)  The requested "2 minute" period will not start until the class is staged at the line.  If multiple riders request "2 minutes" the original riders requesting the delay may still start the race.  There will only be allowed a maximum of "3" grace periods (6 minutes) for the start of any race. 

Class descriptions - Pro/Am Studded Quad:  (replace all 2-stroke reference with)  2-Strokes have no cc limit but must originate from a dirt bike or quad.

Old Skool Quad:  Delete last line of the description that says "no end of season awards" (Old Skool is now a points class)

Have a great Summer folks!  Lots of oval action to be had around Central Wisconsin this year with the Rib Mountain Riders M/C promoting DT events at Spring Lake (Unity), the 525 Track (Wausau) and the Tomahawk Fall Ride.  See for details.


Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Meeting Location

There was a typo in the address of the email announcing the Spring Meeting. Here is the actual confirmed location of the AMP shop: