Thursday, November 8, 2012

2013 Membership

As we make our way to the opening weekend now would be a good time to get your 2013 renewal done!  Couple things to remember:

If you are not a member it will cost you an extra $10 each week for a "one day" pass.  However we do count that to a yearly membership so after three weeks you'll be a member anyway.

We reserve rider numbers.  If you show up with a number being already used by a member - we're gonna make you change yours, not theirs.  That's why we do this membership thing ahead of the season.

The more people who wait until the 1st or 2nd week to join - the bigger the "cluster" at sign up.  That would be reason #2 why we do this stuff early.

I can solve a lot more problems in your favor before the season starts than while we are trying to get an event going the morning of a race day.  (reason #3 if you were paying attention)

So, if you check this list: you will see who has already renewed/joined for 2013 and what number they are using.  If it's red - it's taken.  I leave the ones from last year posted (in black) so you can see what people ran LAST year - as a matter of courtesy you may want to avoid taking them but by the rules any number not taken at this point is available.

Download and print this form: mail it to the address shown at the top with your membership fee.  Yes, fill it out before you send it.  Try to give me a 2nd & 3rd choice on the number too - just in case somebody beats you to what you want.  I go by the postmark on the envelope to determine who gets the number if there is a conflict.  It will come to me and I will post it as I process them.  At the top of that rider number list I have the date it is updated so to see the most recent changes you may need to "refresh" the page depending on how your computer is set up.

Don't be afraid to call me or send an email if you have questions!  I really want everybody to worry more about the racing side than have to deal with this stuff so lets work together and get it done before race day.  715-212-6340 or