Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Season Update!

(This is the text of the mailing that was sent out Sunday Dec 28)

First off, we hope you all had a great Christmas and that 2015 finds you and your family/friends in good health and happiness.  Most of all…..we hope you’re ready for racing at Fremont this weekend (Jan 3rd & 4th)!

A lot of important information has come together in the weeks after the Fall Meeting, so we wanted to make sure everyone was ready and had the latest updates.  As always you can find this stuff in detail on the web site at

Remember that if you want your season points to count this year you (or one of your minions) must complete a work day as detailed in the rule book shown after rule #47.  Worker sign-up is available on the message board which can be found via the web page.  The 2015 Rule Book is now posted at

Also this year we WILL be enforcing the rider number rules closely.  Get your number BEFORE you show up at the track and display it correctly or you will not race.  No “slashes” this year – and the “black on white” colors are required.

Attention 250 Bike riders:  We will be running a 250 GP class this year on a trial basis.  It will run with the Pro/Am GP Bike class as a double-drop (but scored by itself) to save time – but if the class turnout supports it we may bust it out as a separate class.   Other new classes this year include Old Skool Studded Quad and Outlaw Pee-Wee.

The 2015 Schedule:  Jan 3/4 - Fremont;  Jan 11 Tilleda;  Jan 18 Rock Dam;  Jan 25 Lake Altoona;  Feb 1 Tomah; Feb 7/8 Weyauwega;  Feb 15 Dexterville;  Feb 22 Hatfield.

The fun stuff:  As usual the Fremont opener is a Sat/Sun race with Saturday being a full schedule of classes but non-points.  Sunday Jan 4th is race one of the points season with all classes running for the first points of the year.  Week two takes us a new venue for us at Tilleda.  Take Hiway 29 East of Wittenberg to get there – Tilleda just a bit off the Hiway.  The usual map and other details is up on the web site.

Jan 25th is the Winter Fest & Games Weekend at Altoona.  We are running Sunday and the NWIRC will be there Saturday.  There’s a lot going on there that weekend – the location is just across Hiway 53 from Eau Claire – so if you want to race both days you won’t find a better opportunity.  Links to all the events that weekend are on the web site.

Feb 1 is the CWIRA Mid-Season Championship at Tomah and that race never fails to put on one of the best shows of the year.  And speaking of shows, note that the following weekend we spend two days at Weyauwega.  This year we do not share the track with the sleds and have the fairgrounds oval all to ourselves.  Saturday Feb 7 is Pro/Am Day with limited classes and bigger cash payouts – but non-points.  Sunday Feb 8 is full classes and points and at this time the plan will include GP Classes. 

This all takes us to the weekend of Feb 15.  This year the AMA Amateur Ice Nationals will be in Wisconsin that weekend just South of Madison on Lake Koskonong.  The CWIRA will be host to the Wisconsin State Ice Racing Championship on Lake Dexter at Dexterville on Sunday.  We close out the season Feb 22 at Hatfield.  It would be wise to keep the following weekend open as we may need to re-schedule an event to that date.

That about wraps it up.  If you haven’t renewed yet there is a form on the back of this sheet – PLEASE CHECK THE RIDER NUMBER LIST ON THE WEB SITE – the taken numbers will be shown there.  

See you at Fremont!

CWIRA Pointskeeper/Web Guy/Motorcycle Board Member – 715-212-6340

#51 Yamaha – Open Am Studded Quad/#51 Kawasaki - Am Vet Motorcycle

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New tracks and stuff....

Now that the 2015 schedule is set we have posted the site info for the two new venues this year - Tilleda and Altoona.  Both should be outstanding races but for very different reasons.  Click on the "Schedules" link above and then on the dates for those races to get the info.  (or you can cheat: Tilleda and Altoona)

Some of you have been to the Millpond at Tilleda - they run a great program there for cars and Quads all year. Great community support there and really nice people.

Altoona?  Should I start with the seven bands playing all weekend?  Or the softball tournament?  How about NWIRC running there on Saturday so you can hit both series at the same place on the same weekend?  And all of this just across Hiway 53 from Eau Claire.

TRACK WORKERS NEEDED  As in past years the message board has the sign-up list for track workers at each of our races this year.  Get signed up now!!!!!

Lastly, remember we do "protect" rider numbers and this year we will not allow numbers that don't follow the rules.  Get it right or you don't race.  And if someone has the number locked up that you showed up to race with you will be changing it - no more slashes folks.

Avoid the lines and the confusion those first few weeks - send in your membership now.  Here's the links:  CWIRA Membership Form and List of taken Rider Numbers

And if you haven't seen it, here's the schedule:

Race 1 - Freemont January 3/4  Saturday Non-Points/Sunday Full CWIRA Points
Race 6 - Weyauwega Pro/Am Sat Feb 7 - CWIRA Sunday Feb. 8  Saturday Non-Points/Sunday Full CWIRA Points
Sign-up opens at 8 and stays open till 10.
Practice starts at 8:30/9 (usually) and runs till about 10:15.
Riders meeting at 10:30 with racing starting right after - usually about 10:45/11am.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2015 CWIRA Championship Schedule

Note that Saturday Jan 3 and February 7 are non-points.  The remaining dates are points paying events.

January 3 & 4 Partridge Lake - Fremont
January 11 Millpond - Tilleda
January 18 Rock Dam Lake - Rock Dam
January 25 Altoona Winterfest - Lake Altoona
February 1 Lake Tomah - Tomah - CWIRA Mid-Season Championship
February 7 & 8 Waupaca County Fairgrounds - Weyauwega
February 15 Lake Dexter - Dexterville - Wisconsin State Ice Racing Championship
February 22 Lake Arbutus - Hatfield

Complete details to follow.