Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hatfield Season Finale/Points Posted

Click on the "Results" tab of and you will see results and points posted after the last event of the year - Hatfield.

Note that after we factor in the "Throw Out" points we allow ONE WEEK for protests/changes/corrections - after that everything is FINAL.

If you have any issues or questions send an email to and I will make sure the correct person gets it.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hatfield Is On Like Normal

Just got the word - Hatfield will run like normal Sunday.  If this changes by racetime (Sunday Morning) it will be posted here and on Facebook/Twitter.  The hotline number is 715-212-6340.


As of 3pm Saturday the races are on for Hatfield as scheduled.  If that changes we will update ASAP!  Check back here after 6pm - I will update then if not sooner.

AMA Ice National Results

Here's the results from the AMA Ice Nationals held the weekend of Feb 14/15 near Madison:

Monday, February 16, 2015

Points - Good, Bad & Ugly

First off I need to apologize for some errors in the points totals up to this week.  It was brought to my attention that I was using the wrong points table for any position after 1st place.  That was corrected (going back to week one) and from here on out the numbers should be correct.

There were a few glitches in other areas that were also corrected - bringing me to point #2.  Check your numbers and the folks you've been racing against.  If something doesn't look right please let me know so I can look into it.  Sometime it's an error - sometimes I just need to explain but I'd much rather catch it now.

Lastly - Worker Points.  Even though I have a good idea who worked for Weyauwega and Dexterville I do need to wait until I get the "Official" list from John before I enter it into the points totals.  John is planning on being at the final race at Hatfield and we will be entering that final information with the results from that race.

As usual, once I post the "Final Points Standings" I allow one week for protests/corrections.  After that no more changes.  We have deadlines for the coat and point awards that require us to get those final standings in to our suppliers.  One Week.

One more thing:  You may have noticed the fantastic photos Chris Burback has been posting all year.  We have noticed all the Facebook profile pictures posted from Chris' work.  Hey, make it worth his time folks - he sells the really great versions.  You know what to do!

Great year folks - let's finish this at Hatfield!

Find The Results Here!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The latest update is 2/10 - it reflects some corrections from Fremont in class 14 and 29 - they will show up on the bottom of the page.

The results from Weyauwega are also up - in the usual place (click on the Results/Points tab above)

The Wisconsin State Ice Racing Championship this weekend at Dexterville!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weyawega Saturday & Sunday!

TWO BIG DAYS!:  ALL CLASSES BOTH DAYS!  Saturday will be non-points but expanded payout with trophies and 80% Payback for "B" Classes, 120% Payback for "A" classes paying back half the field and 150% Payback for Pro and Pro/Am Classes also paying back half the field.  Sunday will be the regular points schedule and payout.  NEW this year will be the GP classes as we have the track exclusively for CWIRA action all weekend.  We will be running a GP Rubber Quad Class if we get at least 6 entries.

Gate Fees:  $10.00 For a one day pass, $15.00 for the full weekend.  The weekend pass is only good for our weekend, February 7th & 8th.  If you want to go to both weekends, $20.00 for the two weekend pass.  Just let the crews working the gates this weekend know which you would like and they will give you the proper tickets.