Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Points Posted So Far

What is posted so far:
Raw Earned Points - http://www.cwira.com/12results/points.htm - No throw outs or Worker Points, these are the points earned on the track.

Points With "Throw Outs" Removed - http://www.cwira.com/12results/pointsto.htm - Same as above, but with the throw out races added.

People Qualified For Worker Points - http://www.cwira.com/12results/wppeople.htm - This is the list of people given to me by the Worker Points Official (John Strangfeld) as having done the required work and should be getting the 30 worker points.  http://www.cwira.com/12results/wptracks.htm - same list, just sorted by track and not by name.  If you are expecting Worker Points you should check this list to make sure you are on it!  If there is an error and you don't tell us - after March 11 (the deadline) it will not be corrected.

I will be plugging in the worker points by tomorrow night and post what should be the Official/Final Points for the 2012 season.  I always wait about two weeks before I "close the book" on the season to allow for the discovery of errors/mistakes/omissions.  This year because the Spring Meeting is March 11 that will be the deadline.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Raw Points Posted

The RAW 2012 Points Totals have been posted so the "two weeks" to challenge anything starts now.  Actually, in two weeks we have the spring meeting so you have until then to advise me of any errors you may find.  I will have all my data at the meeting so we can fix anything that needs fixing.

Remember:  I am only talking about EARNED POINTS on the track here - Throw-out points and Worker Points are a separate deal, and we will be posting them soon as well.  I will keep a "Raw Points" chart posted and updated separately from everything else just to make it easy.

You can find everything as I post it on the "results" tab at the top of the web page.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Season Completed

There will NOT be a "make up" race on March 4th, so the 2012 CWIRA season is over after the event at Fremont.

There will be a Spring meeting on March 4th in Neillsville and the Banquet in April.  There will be a mailing with the details out next Monday - and they will be posted here.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fremont in good shape for Sunday

From Jim Falke Saturday afternoon:  Fremont is good. The big rigs will park close to shore where the ice is on ground but there is 14" of ice. So lets go have some fun!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Open Tire" Pro/Am GP Bike Class Added For Fremont

We've had some riders from the Fox Valley asking if they can run their Canadian Screw tires in our Fremont GP event.

What was decided is we will add an extra class to make this happen.  It will be an "Open Tire" rule class with 80% payback and open to ALL Pro/Am riders (Pro/Am means "B" or better) and Canadian Screws will be allowed in this class.  AMA-legal tires will be OK also, so this would be one more class for the regular CWIRA GP bike guys to run as well.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ice is good at Dexterville but we will have some parking restrictions.  Bigger rigs and trailers will be parking on shore but the smaller vehicles can still park on the ice if they choose to.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 CWIRA Triple Crown Final Points

Congratulations to the 2012 CWIRA Triple Crown Champs!

Open Pro Bike - Brock Schwarzenbacher
Open Pro Quad - DJ Schultz
Outlaw Pro Rubber - Dan Lindner

Final Triple Crown Points are posted HERE.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

2012 T-Shirts Are In!

In stylish grey, these long and short-sleeve T-shirts add a touch of class to any gathering!

AND - if you joined the CWIRA at or before the Fall Meeting you get a short-sleeve shirt ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Very cool.  And yes, for a "small" fee you can upgrade your short-sleeve to a long version.

But please, DON'T ask for your shirt during sign-up.  We will be setting up for that later.  "The List" that they will be giving out the free shirts from is HERE.

PeeWee Weyauwega UPDATE

Word from the track is the time issues (sleds/CWIRA) will not be a problem on Sunday so the PeeWee Quads WILL run the BIG TRACK like normal.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Getting some calls so here's a little clarification.
We do follow a lot of the AMA guidelines but we are NOT AMA so none of their memberships are required.  If you are NOT a CWIRA member we'll let you run for a "1-day" membership of $10 - do that three times in a year and you're in anyway because we count 1-days toward a years fee.

We DO NOT require tethers on bikes.

We DO NOT require special "ice fenders" on studded quads.

We DO NORMALLY SOUND TEST, but WILL NOT test for sound at Weyauwega because of the conditions there and the Triple Crown.  All other Tech issues will still be checked like we usually do.

Number plates?  OK, I gotta ask, how can you show up at a racetrack without good numbers?  DUH!!!!!  BLACK numbers on WHITE plates PLEASE!  We are racing in a snow-dust environment and we actually do have to see your number to score you.  Quads need one on the front, one on the back and one high and forward on the left side.  If you need help check the photos from www.chrisburback.com.  If the PeeWees can get it right, why not you big boys?  And yes, if you have a "custom" bike plate with dark blue numbers on a light blue backround you will get yelled at too.

There may be other differences between the AMA and us - if you have a question ask!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big Track / Big Money

Reminder: The CWIRA race at Weyauwega this weekend is a go!

There will be added races on Saturday - Pro Bike, Open Pro Quad and Outlaw Pro Rubber ONLY running for extra cash. These races will be NON-POINTS cash payout only.

SUNDAY we will NOT run the GP classes, but will run all others. This will also be the third and final round of the Triple Crown.

Saturday practice starts at 9am, with racing spread throughout the day mixed in with the snowmobile races.

SUNDAY will have signup open at 6, practice as soon after 7 as conditions allow and racing to start about 9.  Check the www.cwira.com message board for updates on the times.

As always call the hotline at 715-212-6340 for late updates if needed.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hatfield a GO!

The CWIRA Mid-Season Championship/Triple Crown Round 2 is all set for Sunday Feb 5.  We will be parking on shore - if you need directions to Lake Arbutus CLICK HERE.

Friday, February 3, 2012

CWIRA Hatfield/Triple Crown Round 2 Update

This update posted at 6pm Friday night by CWIRA Race Director Larry Strangfeld:

"As of Friday night, Hatfield looks OK. We do not plan on parking anybody on the ice, but access to the lake is good, the parking lots still have decent snow cover. I expect that the track will be fairly smooth, at least at the start of the race on Sunday, hopefully, it will hold up fairly well and provide us with good racing. We will plow an area to pit your race equipment so if anyone has access to atv's and 2 place snowmobile trailers, please bring them along to help shuttle machines and equipment onto the ice, and back again....The plan is to run a short practice, and hopefully to start racing by 10 o'clock in an efffort to get going before the temps get to high and soften our ice....Hope this helps you make your plans for Sunday a little easier...Larry"

Remember that this will be a regular CWIRA Points event as well as Triple Crown Race #2. Sign up opens at 8 and we will be running a shortened practice to help save the ice on what is forecast to be a warm day. Expect the first race to get under way by 10am! And I have been asked so to clarify there are NOT any sleds racing with us - just the usual bikes & quads. With the efforts to get the program going early there should be plenty of time for folks to get home for "the game".

Updates as usual available on the www.cwira.com site and via the raceday hotline: 715-212-6340.