Sunday, March 22, 2015

Thank You Chris Burback

For many years now the CWIRA has enjoyed the privilege of our events being documented by Photographer Chris Burback.  He is without a doubt one of the finest camera guys I have ever met and his work for the CWIRA, NWIRC and all the Stock Car events he covered speaks for itself.  On several occasions I have seen his other artistic work and have ALWAYS been impressed.

Chris has recently retired from photography work and the CWIRA would like to say thanks to someone who has by his own excellence, raised the bar for everyone around him.

Here are some samples of the 2015 CWIRA season Chris has posted to Facebook:

CWIRA Hatfield
CWIRA "A Closer Look"
CWIRA Dexterville
CWIRA Weyauwega
The Blizzard Nationals (CWIRA Tomah)
CWIRA Lake Altoona
CWIRA Rock Dam
CWIRA Fremont

Thanks Chris!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Congratulations 2015 CWIRA Class Champions!

Complete list of riders receiving awards:

2015 Class Champions:

Open Pro/Am GP Motorcycle     Jesse A Leu
250 Amateur GP Motorcycle     Travis J Miller
Pee-Wee A Quad     Codi D Fox
Pee-Wee Motorcycle     Colton J Frandsen
Open Amateur GP Motorcycle     Corey J Schroeder
Open GP Studded Quad     Graham P Eichmiller
Pee-Wee B Quad     Emma R Schlough
Open Pro Motorcycle     Jesse A Leu
Open Pro Quad     Craig D Melville
Outlaw Pee-Wee     Dakota M Gettinger
Pro/Am Rubber ATV     Mitchel S Williams
Open C Motorcycle     Mason R Barth
Amateur Stock Rubber ATV     Ian T Arneson
Open B Motorcycle     Sierra J Heindl
450 C Studded Quad (13-18)     Emma A Robus
Outlaw Pro Rubber ATV     Nick Nett
Junior Motorcycle     Mason R Barth
Open Amateur Studded Quad     Shaun E Winkler
B Mod Rubber ATV     Jacob L Helgeson
450 Pro Motorcycle     Jesse A Leu
Junior Open Tire Rubber Quad     Ian T Arneson
C Mod Rubber ATV     Dylan J Schmidt
Pro Vet Motorcycle     Brian A Frandsen
Amateur Vet Motorcycle     Jack C Potter
Amateur Modified Rubber ATV     Jacob L Helgeson
B Modified Production Studded Quad     Shaun E Winkler
Junior Rubber Quad     Emma A Robus
250 Amateur Motorcycle     Cody R Funk
C Modified Production Studded Quad     Austin Gettinger
A Modified Rubber Quad     Scott M Lindner
Pro/Am Modified Studded Quad     Craig D Melville

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Final Points

The final points have been posted.  All "throw outs" and "worker points" have been figured in.

Please look over the numbers and contact us ASAP if something doesn't look right!  We allow one week for protests & corrections - after that no changes can be made due to deadlines for awards.

Click on the "Points/Results" tab of or go here:

If you need to contact us use this email: or call the hotline (my cell phone) at 715-212-6340.  Note that I do not get cell coverage at work (Antigo Yamaha) so call me there if you need to: 715-623-4144.

That's a wrap!  See you at the Banquet!