Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cool Stuff From Chris

The 2012 CWIRA Awards were produced by Chris Burback at

To see the gallery of 2012 season award winners go to 2012 CWIRA Gallery

After all, if he can make me look fast - think what he can do for you!

Great work Chris - thanks from all of us at the CWIRA.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Statewide 25mph Speed Limit On Ice?

In a very short amount of time - the Monday after Easter - the State will be holding DNR hearings to discuss (among other things) a statewide speed limit of 25mph on frozen water.  This would include Snowmobiles, Motorcycles and ATVs.

This would effectively ban sport ATV & Motorcycle Ice Riding/Racing and "off-trail" snowmobile riding over 25mph in the State of Wisconsin.

These meetings will be held Monday April 6 in every county at 7pm.

Be there or be done.  It's just that simple.

More info:

"...The WI DNR is proposing and endorsing a 25 mph speed limit restriction on all WI frozen lakes.  This is on the agenda for their spring hearings being held in every county in the state on Monday, April 9th at 7:00 pm.  See the locations and times posted below. The question #65 appears on page 25 of their questionaire as follows:

QUESTION 65. Create a maximum of 25 mph on Frozen Water (# 180311)

(requires legislation)

Winter outdoor recreation activities are increasing in popularity and there are a growing number of users on the frozen waters of the state. Anglers, snowmobilers, ATVers, cross-country skiers, ice skaters, and Wisconsinites of all ages are often found simultaneously enjoying the frozen waters of the state. Cars, trucks, snowmobiles, and ATV’s driving and riding on the frozen surface, can create safety hazards and issues for other users. Sometimes these vehicles are moving at high speeds and within close proximity to persons, other vehicles, or structures. Vehicles moving at high speeds also contribute to some degree to the deterioration of ice conditions due to the energy wave created under the surface of the ice. ATV’s and snowmobiles are currently required to slow to 10 mph on the ice when within 100 feet of a person not on a motorized vehicle or within 100 feet of an ice shanty. Speed limits for licensed motor vehicles (cars, trucks, etc) on the frozen waters of the state are not regulated on a statewide basis by state law and only some municipalities have local regulations. This proposal would create consistent regulations for all licensed motorized vehicles (cars, trucks, etc) on the frozen waters of the state.

Would you support legislation creating a maximum speed limit of 25 mph for all licensed motorized vehicles (cars, trucks, etc) travelling on frozen waters of the state unless on a designated state or club marked trail?

This will affect motorcycle ice riding, snowmobiles and atv’s.  It will effectively ban any sport ice riding.  If at all possible, show up at the meeting in your county and vote against this proposal..."