Sunday, October 28, 2012

The "Bump" List(s)

The "Bump" list was reviewed at the Fall Meeting - the following riders are ADVANCED to the next faster division in the classes they raced last year:

Hayden Henry
Al Falke
Jacob Helgeson
Kyle Wolosek
Nick Moelter
Jeff Stewart
Sara Hoffman

In addition, the following riders are are bumped out of the "Pro/Am Rubber Quad" class.  This list replaces the old rule of the "top half" riders in the fast rubber classes being bumped out.  Be aware that this list can be adjusted/added to as needed once we see how the faster riders compare to the rest of the field in this class.

Scott Lindner
Dan Lindner
Louie Plaskey
Nick Nett
Jeremy Flees
Cody Norris
Dustin Hoffman

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Meeting Mailing

The Fall Meeting mailing is going out today (Sunday) - if you don't get one, here's what's in the envelope:

The invite:

The membership renewal:

The meeting is Sunday Oct 28 in Neillsville.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall CWIRA Meeting Oct 28 11:30am

The Fall Meeting will again be at the Neilsville American Legion Club.  It will be Sunday Oct 28 at 11:30am and we need to be wrapped up by 2pm.

The 2013 membership forms are now ready - the link is here:

As with other years - get your renewal in before the meeting to get the FREE CWIRA T-Shirt!  Mailed in renewals will count if you have a postmark by Oct 29.  The list of available rider numbers is here:

Google Map to the Legion Hall:,+Clark,+Wisconsin&t=m&z=14

Friday, October 19, 2012

Class Updates

Here are the updates top the rule book we've been talking about.  I will be updating the Membership Renewal Form this weekend to reflect the changes - so if you are in the affected Rubber classes PLEASE WAIT until I post the UPDATED 2013 form before you send it in!

Also, remember this is the "draft" I just got via email so the grammar may not be "perfect".

Pee-Wee B....same as last year
Pee-Wee A....same as last year
Junior Rubber Quad....same as last year
Junior Rubber Open class ....same rules as Junior Quad except for:  Hoosier type tires are allowed. and ages of racers will be 12-17, to be consistant with Jr Studded Quad. Yes, the same rider will be allowed in both Jr Rubber classes, as long as they meet the age guidelines. trophy class.
Amateur Stock Rubber Atv....same as last year, except sound DB goes to 99 (exhaust no longer has to be visually stock)
C Mod Rubber class ...C riders only, same machine rules as A and B Rubber Atv classes. trophy class
B Mod Rubber Atv...same as last year, but no more restrictions for running one machine in other classes
Amatuer Mod Rubber class....same equipment rules as A and B Mod Rubber Atv classes...all C riders, and the bottom half of the B mod class allowed, based on last years season results. trophy class.
Pro/Am Rubber Atv.....same as last year, except no more restrictions on  running one machine in other classes, all B riders allowed, A Rubber & Outlaw Pro Rubber riders NOT on the bump list also allowed.
A Mod Rubber Quad....same as last year. except no more restrictions on running one machine in other classes
Outlaw Pro Rubber Atv....same as last year, except no more restrictions on running one machine in other classes

Junior Studded Quad....same as last year
Open Amateur Quad....same as last year, except oem Atv type engines no longer have a maximum displacement limit
Open Pro Clasas...same as last year, except oem Atv type engines no longer have a maximum displacement limit
C Modified Production Quad...same as last year, except...sounds limit is now 99 DB, and no more restrictions about racing an A class machine in this class, as long as it meets all the other class stock oem A arms, swing arm, and axel
B Modified Production Quad...same as last year
Pro/Am Modified Quad....same as last year
Open G P Studded Quad....same as last year

all of the motorcycle classes stay the same

yellow flags...if displayed in turn one, no passing untill clearing turn 2. Flag displayed in turn two, no passing untill clearing turn three. Flag displayed in turn three, no passing untill clearing turn four. Flag displayed in turn four, no passing untill clearing Flagman. In other words, if you pass a displayed yellow flag, you have to hold your position untill you clear the next corner, or the flagman.
Pee-Wee Classes....Officials have the right to remove from competition, any rider that we feel isn't competent to be out on the track. Ie..not being able to reach and/or operate the controls, not obeying the flagmans signals, not appearing to have reasonable controll of their machine.

All Mod Rubber Atv classes are required to have nerf bars now.