Sunday, October 28, 2012

The "Bump" List(s)

The "Bump" list was reviewed at the Fall Meeting - the following riders are ADVANCED to the next faster division in the classes they raced last year:

Hayden Henry
Al Falke
Jacob Helgeson
Kyle Wolosek
Nick Moelter
Jeff Stewart
Sara Hoffman

In addition, the following riders are are bumped out of the "Pro/Am Rubber Quad" class.  This list replaces the old rule of the "top half" riders in the fast rubber classes being bumped out.  Be aware that this list can be adjusted/added to as needed once we see how the faster riders compare to the rest of the field in this class.

Scott Lindner
Dan Lindner
Louie Plaskey
Nick Nett
Jeremy Flees
Cody Norris
Dustin Hoffman