Sunday, November 19, 2017

2018 Pre-Season Meeting - Nutz Deep

The CWIRA pre-season 2018 meeting will be December 10th - 11am at Nutz Deep in Marshfield.

NEW THIS YEAR:  The Worker Program will have a few wrinkles for 2018.  One of the main changes will be signing up for a work week at the meeting and you will get credit for working - whether or not the race actually runs.  Full details at the meeting.  Remember the AMA ATV Ice Grand Championship will be at the Wausau 525 Saturday February 10, full CWIRA points the next day on the 11th at the 525.

As always - get your 2018 membership in at or before the meeting and get a limited edition CWIRA T-Shirt!

Watch for the mailed invitation - or print your membership application here:
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