Friday, February 3, 2012

CWIRA Hatfield/Triple Crown Round 2 Update

This update posted at 6pm Friday night by CWIRA Race Director Larry Strangfeld:

"As of Friday night, Hatfield looks OK. We do not plan on parking anybody on the ice, but access to the lake is good, the parking lots still have decent snow cover. I expect that the track will be fairly smooth, at least at the start of the race on Sunday, hopefully, it will hold up fairly well and provide us with good racing. We will plow an area to pit your race equipment so if anyone has access to atv's and 2 place snowmobile trailers, please bring them along to help shuttle machines and equipment onto the ice, and back again....The plan is to run a short practice, and hopefully to start racing by 10 o'clock in an efffort to get going before the temps get to high and soften our ice....Hope this helps you make your plans for Sunday a little easier...Larry"

Remember that this will be a regular CWIRA Points event as well as Triple Crown Race #2. Sign up opens at 8 and we will be running a shortened practice to help save the ice on what is forecast to be a warm day. Expect the first race to get under way by 10am! And I have been asked so to clarify there are NOT any sleds racing with us - just the usual bikes & quads. With the efforts to get the program going early there should be plenty of time for folks to get home for "the game".

Updates as usual available on the site and via the raceday hotline: 715-212-6340.