Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Points Posted So Far

What is posted so far:
Raw Earned Points - http://www.cwira.com/12results/points.htm - No throw outs or Worker Points, these are the points earned on the track.

Points With "Throw Outs" Removed - http://www.cwira.com/12results/pointsto.htm - Same as above, but with the throw out races added.

People Qualified For Worker Points - http://www.cwira.com/12results/wppeople.htm - This is the list of people given to me by the Worker Points Official (John Strangfeld) as having done the required work and should be getting the 30 worker points.  http://www.cwira.com/12results/wptracks.htm - same list, just sorted by track and not by name.  If you are expecting Worker Points you should check this list to make sure you are on it!  If there is an error and you don't tell us - after March 11 (the deadline) it will not be corrected.

I will be plugging in the worker points by tomorrow night and post what should be the Official/Final Points for the 2012 season.  I always wait about two weeks before I "close the book" on the season to allow for the discovery of errors/mistakes/omissions.  This year because the Spring Meeting is March 11 that will be the deadline.