Friday, January 6, 2012

Amherst Update!

This just in from Mark Powers of the USSA:

"‎***TLR cup race will be ran on Saturday at the Portage County Ice Wars instead of Sunday*** We appoligize for the inconvenience but mother nature rules. We will still have a full schedule of USSA and CWIRA racing on Sunday."

This is a move of the SNOWMOBILE race ONLY.  All CWIRA races will still run on Sunday.  What this all means for CWIRA - not much.  Except that we now will not have to clear the track for the 3pm feature snowmobile race and will be able to "race till done" per the schedule.  Also, the Sunday program should conclude earlier than expected because we are taking out all the presentation stuff surrounding the TLR Cup event.

Remember the time schedule:  Registration at 6, hot laps 7, racing at 9.