Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Update

Looks like we'll be parking on shore both at Sherwood next week and Fremont this week.  Pack light and prepare accordingly.

The Moose Endurance Race is back on Saturday at Sherwood.  It had been set to run alongside the C-dub Sunday race but it has been moved back to it's traditional Saturday spot.

The ice at both Sherwood and Fremont is great - there just needs to be more of it.  The turnout for Fremont Saturday was light so the track is PRIME for the Sunday points season opener.

Be aware of the changes to the "Work For Points" program this year.  The BIG difference is you DON'T get points for working (like in the past) but if you don't get a work day in none of your season points will count.  Hunt down John Strangfeld if you have questions.