Friday, January 3, 2014

Fremont Weekend/Potential Reschedule


First off, as of 7am Friday the original weekend schedule of races for Fremont Saturday and Sunday is STILL ON.

However, the last forecast from the NWS has WIND CHILL WARNINGS for Sunday posted.  We can all "tough it out" when it's just cold but we are looking at minus teens for the high temps with wind making a situation that has a high potential for problems - both human and mechanical.

At this time the promoter (Jim) and members of the Board are discussing options - the big one of course is not running this weekend.  The idea of making Saturday a points race has pretty much been ruled out because of the short time frame to be fair to racers chasing a Championship.  Racing only Saturday is also not a good option as the reduced number of entries makes it a loosing money deal for the promoter.  So that brings up the problem of Sunday needing a good turn out because Sunday pays for Saturday.

Two options are on the table - which will have an impact on if the Fremont event it cancelled:

#1;  The points race will be re-scheduled to the Saturday of the Weyauwega race.  The location of both events would make this an easy pair of races to hit and a large number of racers already hotel in the area anyway because of the early Weyauwega start time.

#2;  The points weekend gets re-scheduled to our "make up" weekend at the end of Feb.- which as of now is an open weekend.  This would allow the option of retaining a two-day event (no promises) but also puts the points part of the question back to Sunday.

There is some concern about using up our "make-up" weekend right away, but we've had to do that before.

At this point nothing has been decided - please add any thoughts you may have to the message board.

Again, our concern is the safety of the racers - Sunday is forecast to have a high only in the teens BELOW zero WITH WIND.  It's not just the racers, but the corner workers are also in danger if we ask them to do this as well.

Keep an eye here and on the twitter feed for updates.