Saturday, October 18, 2014

New Classes for 2015

One of the things we will be finalizing at the Fall Meeting Oct 26 is the pair of new classes for the 2015 season.

OLD SKOOL QUAD (studded)
In general terms, this is for the hot quads that used to dominate 15-20 years ago.  Think Honda and Suzuki 250 2-strokes.  What we're working on yet is the formula for keeping stuff like 500 Quadzillas and Banshees eligible but still fair for the "smaller" 250cc rigs.

In case you hadn't noticed, there are a ton of larger/faster Pee-Wee Quads out there that don't fall into what we allow in our Pee-Wee division.  Just look at the crop of AMA Pee-Wee Quads racing all summer and you get the idea.  Also, often folks will show up at our events with a PeeWee that is for one reason or another too much to fairly allow with our riders.  This class is a place for those riders to jump in to.

Details of both classes will be finalized at the Fall Meeting.