Monday, January 4, 2016

Week Two - Tilleda - Don't load up quite yet.....

Here's the situation:  Tilleda is a "everybody on the ice" track.  Before anybody can race there it has to be good ice and it's a bit sketchy right now.

NO DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE.  As of Monday the race is still on.  We will be checking with the people from that event as the week goes on.

Plan B:  Humbird and Fremont have "parking on shore" so we can race with much less ice.  Both locations are better than they were last week (Fremont has zero snow on it's ice) but not quite ready either.

We plan on deciding where/if we are going to race by about Thursday at the latest.  The weather forecast is not helping (rain) so we are leaving as much room to decide as we can.  Next week?  Below zero so Rock Dam should be A-OK.