Thursday, February 16, 2017

A word about points.....

As we near the end of the season I want to go over a few Points About Points.  Over the course of the season riders have been working at events to complete the "Work Requirement" of earning Championship Points with the CWIRA.  The list of riders who have completed the work is here: Completed Worker List.

On the day/weekend the work is done no points are awarded for that rider.  And to keep the balance fair between workers who race and those who don't we advance any rider finishing behind.  That is why on some of the listings you will see a rider in a points paying finish position but scored zero points.  That event should match the listed event for that rider in the worker list link.  Also, working on a Saturday means the event on Sunday would be the one affected by the zero points.

A different factor is the "Throw Out Race".  In the CWIRA we do not count your worst finish in the points total - your throw out.  Work days DO NOT count in this.  So a typical points line for a rider would show (assuming an eight event series) points awarded in 7 or 8 weeks (maybe they raced on a work weekend, maybe they didn't) and the lowest of the non-working weekends will not be counted.  Often, riders will choose to not race a week taking advantage of that as the throw out.

The points have been updated after the Weyauwega event and all work done so far in the season have been factored in to the totals.  The only thing we can not show is the Throw Out - so as you look at the totals remember the lowest points week - other than the work week - will be thrown out and not counted.

You can find the points totals on the "Points/Results" tab at the top of the page.