Tuesday, February 28, 2017

End-Of-Season Points

The last point totals of the year have been posted on the Results page of cwira.com.
The direct link is here:  cwira.com/17results/points.

The "1-week" protest period has begun.  That means if you find an issue with the the points we allow 1 week (till March 7) - after that the point totals are FINAL.  Also, you will notice some of the names on the list are in red.  Those names are not eligible for CWIRA awards in 2017 because either they did not complete the work requirement or not enough races in that class.  The list of people who have completed the work requirement can be found HERE.

After the protest period is over we will be posting a list of riders getting awards in 2017 along with the Class Champions.

If you need to contact us call the pointskeeper at 715-212-6340 or email to cwirainfo@gmail.com