Thursday, January 17, 2013

Race Times

The number 1 question I get on the Hotline during the week is "What time do the races start?".  So, here's the usual schedule:

Sign-up opens at 8 and stays open till 10.
Practice starts at 8:30/9 (usually) and runs till about 10:15.
Riders meeting at 10:30 with racing starting right after - usually about 10:45/11am.

Now, we make it a point to never turn away anybody who shows up late but the rules do say there is a fine for signing up after 10.  I've rarely done that if you are just late or something, or decide later in the morning to add a class.  Just do what you can to get signed up on time & we'll be OK.  One of the things that happens at sign-up is I have to print out the class rosters for the Heat splits at 10 so they are ready for the riders meeting - when you sign up late all that has to be done over and it's a mess.  So if you are pulling in the gate close to 10 GET YOUR BUTT TO SIGN-UP or have one of your people do it for you.  If you get there late and need a sighting lap because you missed practice we will get you out there if we can.  I've had riders in the past worry more about practice than signing up - BIG NO-NO.  You MUST be entered and properly waivered BEFORE we can allow you on the track. Those are the folks who will get the "late entry fine".