Sunday, February 28, 2016

CWIRA 2016 Is History

Well, we made it......

One of the strangest years in memory for weather and conditions - but we still got in 8 points races.  Special thanks to Weyauwega and Humbird for allowing us to get in the Saturday races - 8 sure sounds better than 6 for a season!

A word about points:  The raw totals are now posted on the "Results" tab of along with results from both days at Humbird.  By "Raw Totals" we mean "Worker Points" and "Throw Out" days have not been factored in yet.  Because I don't have the confirmed worker list for all the races we are not going to put in partial information - it will go in all at once so it's accurate for everybody.

As usual there will be 1 week to allow for protests and correction - because the totals are not complete that week will not start until the totals are finished.  At minimum it will be next week so the earliest the totals will become FINAL is in two weeks,

For right now, check your results and expected points on those results for accuracy.  If you find an error CONTACT ME.  Don't waste your time talking to other people - it needs to get to me to be fixed.  And for gosh sakes don't use Facebook or social media,  Email is best or text me at 715-212-6340.  And use real names, class names and race details.  I KNOW there will be errors someplace (we are only human) and I want to do everything I can to make it right for your year racing with us.

email: - this one comes directly to me.

Direct link to those raw results I mentioned:

Damn fine to be part of all this.  I really enjoyed it and I hope you all had a great year!

On to the Banquet.......