Friday, February 26, 2016

Hunbird/Early Start Update

As you may have already heard, the CWIRA season finale for Saturday and Sunday will be at Humbird (both days).

The forecast for Saturday is 50ish so we will be making every attempt to get the racing action started EARLY on Saturday before it gets too warm and track conditions kill the racing.

Please TRY to get there early and be prepared for the race day to start about 9:30.  Practice will be DRASTICALLY reduced (if held at all) to help preserve the track and get things started.

The plan is to have two tracks waiting for us so whatever we do to the track Saturday we will have a fresh track for Sunday and hopefully slightly colder temperatures.  If all goes well we should at least get through one set of motos Saturday and the full program on Sunday.

If there are any extreme updates (like cancellations) the hotline is up at 715-212-6340 and the info will be on plus social media.